The temporary nature of being

Temasek has sold Tuas Power to China's Huaneng Group. It is a pure business transaction like Temasek buying other foreign commercial institutions. We buy and we sell for profits. We sell our core assets and buy other country's assets. Now, what else are we going to sell? DBS, SIA, Keppel or PSA? I think as long as there is profit and makes commercial sense, we will likely sell them. How about Sentosa? Things are getting very temporal, and decisions are made based on practical and functional considerations. I think we should seriously think of selling citizenship. Our citizenship is highly priced and valued and should not be given away cheaply. All things are temporary and transient. Nothing to cry about if we sell them away. We can buy other things too. Time to think of buying Australia.


Matilah_Singapura said...

In a globalised world, ideas like "citizenship" are becoming less and less important.

Having the world's assets owned by diverse owners is actually very good for long-term stability and global peace.

E.G. If Chinese private equity owned S'pore assets, it would be very difficult for the Chinese govt to wage war on S'pore because of the political backlash from the owners of S'pore assets.

I have been and continue to be a long-standing advocate of the total privatisation of this planet. Narrowing the lens, I specifically mean Singapore.

The cracks have already been seen in S'pore: a govt growing in size and influence and sucking up more resources from the private citizens, potential failures in anything public - transport, healthcare, housing and social insurance (CPF/MediSave).

(TRUE) Privatisation will allocate resources more efficiently and deliver higher value to customers - in the long term. In the short term it is inevitable that there'll be some pain. But the sooner it gets done, the better.

There are lots of assets The State should begin to sell-off. Top of the list are ALL govt buildings, including Parliament House, and possibly the High Court. In fact, all that prime real estate belonging to The State around High St should be sold and the money disbursed to the people - in the form of case or shares.

I also support the idea of tradeable citizenships. If someone wants to sell their citizenship, they should be able to do so. Citizenship, like everything else, should be VOLUNTARY and not forced upon automatically at birth.

redbean said...

tradeable citizenship will add another asset to our citizens. it will increase the value of being a citizen here.

our citizens should be allowed to sell them and be given the option of becoming a pr. hey all will be very grateful to the govt. and our citizenship will definitely be in hot demand.

now this is quite like a million dollar solution.

aren't we brilliant!

Onlooker said...

Can trade NS or not just wondering :P

redbean said...

if we go along this path of money can buy anything, who knows? the possibilities are unimaginable.

city of possibilities!