The taxi bus fumble

Say what you like, claim whatever you like, the taxi bus concept is another bungling concept that needs to go back to the drawing board. Why are we getting this kind of half baked solution from super talents? I better not say too much or people will be very angry.


Anonymous said...

You just have to give it to them. After years of fumbling they still think they are solving the problem by going around in a circle. The only probable excuse is that because they are paid millions their solution must be the best. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

to further lighten the traffic in the city/ new towns and encourage more people to take public transport, i hope they could explored having mini citylink buses like in KL and tuk tuk cars like in thailand that are fast, versatile and flexible.

redbean said...

i agree. these are million dollar solutions.

as for tuk tuk or the likes, no way. even taxis got to operate like buses with assigned taxi stops.

as for minibuses, they may be a threat to the monopolies.