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The Sunday Times editor warns

Do not think 20c is trifling matter. Kopi in the kopitiams is up by 20c or more. Used to be 60c or 70c. Now it is 90c, or at the franchised outlets it is $1.30. Then bread and kaya, and eggs, also up 10c or 20c respectively. In the neighbourhood kopitiams, some may forgo their regular kopi, even the cheaper kopi O. Too expensive. They will opt for plain water at 20c a cup. And these people are going to enjoy their happy lives till 80 or 100 years, drinking 20c plain water and maybe plain roti. What a life!


Anonymous said...

most people tot it is compulsory to order drinks in thecoffeeshop even when the coffeeshop owners unscrupulously raise the kosong drinks, when sugar prices rose, they just pay up without question.

if you dunt want to be taken for a ride, dun order drinks in the coffeeshop if possible.. carry a plastic bottle like the rest of us.

redbean said...

cannot lah, the notice said no outside food. ok, own plain water in plastic bottle maybe ok.

Anonymous said...

Not only has the price gone up, the kopi-o taste like rag-water nowadays. What to do? It's happened!

Anonymous said...

you are rite, the coffee tasstes like shit most of the time, as said it is not necessary to order drinks with the food, many of us have already stopped the practice and are better for it.

redbean said...

i think price of coffee bean does not go up that much. it is the price of maize. they are converting it to biofuel. and tea goes up as well. why i dunno.