Story of woman seeing Mas Selamat

The msm reported that a woman saw Mas Selemat crossing Thomson Road and looking lost. And Mas Selamat was taking a stroll, unhurried and without fear of being discovered. How credible is this story? If that was Mas Selamat, it means that he either sneaked out or walked out of the detention centre on his own, unassisted. And he had all the time in the world to walk all the way to Thomson Road without a search party breathing down his neck. The journey must have taken him half an hour or so. This also implies that till the time he was seen at Thomson Road, no one was aware that he was missing or had escaped. Could this be when his escape from the toilet could easily be discovered in a few minutes and a search party must be all over the place. The story is highly improbable.


Anonymous said...

that fellow may have sprinted all the way to the main road for all you know. and i hate to think abt the many millions that the episode has cost the taxpayers sofar, asides from other worries.

Anonymous said...

Spin and spin till no end. Story telling every day. Catch that guy then come and say.

Say so much, no use want. Just catch the guy. No more talk cock sing song already.

Anonymous said...

She works @ steven road but she was at mount pleasant when she think she saw..Selamat jalan-jalan. Bits and pieces information appearing, this one is to confirm escape is not planned.

redbean said...

there is nothing like hanging $3m out there for someone to do it. it is money and our people are all driven by money.

money talks.

Anonymous said...

it is money and our people are all driven by money.

right,im very interested to know how much money has been spent/ wasted on the matter.

reema said...

I found it very odd that ST would publish this story when the witness refused to be named. That itslef amde the story not credible to me. I thought ST is very anal about making public the identities of sources.

redbean said...

hi reema,

welcome to the blog.

we shall refrain ourselves from questioning the authoritative and professional media. they are paid talents.

let's enjoy ourselves with our own not very professional comments and facts. we are just untrained and unpaid peasants gossiping in the kopitiam. our views are not good enough. : )