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Singapore news will never be the same again

With Cyberspace gaining more readership and acceptance, news reporting and opinions on Singapore news will never be the same again. We are now seeing a community of blogs and forums growing and contributing to the local scene, providing alternative news in increasing regularity. Thanks for forum/blogs like Littlespeck, Mr Brown, Mr Wang, Mollymeek, TheOneLineCitizen, Yawningbread, and even Talkingcock, and many others, there is now a platform for readers hungry for what is not spoken or cannot be spoken in the msm. And don't forget the little contribution from MySingaporeNews and Redbeanforum as well. With everyday passing, cyberspace can only grow in stature and in gaining a bigger share of the readership.


Anonymous said...

Keep writing bloggers, I prefer the Cyberspace literatures over MSM anytime. And thank You Redbean. Yours truly patriot.

Anonymous said...

You missed out a few
- Singapore Angle
- Singapore Daily
- SammyBoy's Forum

redbean said...

thanks for the update and addition. with so many people contributing to them, interest can only grow and the views will be more interesting and complex.

i have not visited EDMW yet. what's that?

Anonymous said...

suddenly students are encouraged to blog; ideological dept hopes to dilute the concentration/impact of serious online news to make them less relevant as possible.

redbean said...

our social and political development should follow the educational and economic maturity of the people.

we shall encourage all the young to think critically and to express themselves. the blog and internet forum are the best place for them to practise.

the young must be involved in the country's affair, and feel passionate for it. this is their country.

Anonymous said... also missed out a whole chunk out there like Aaron Ng, Bart, Elia and a very big one that probably has the highest number of readers in blogland - the infamous Brotherhood Press aka Darkness and his gang.

redbean said...

thanks. there are probably many good ones out there that i did not keep up with. and more good ones will be appearing tomorrow.