Selamat fooled his captors?

Did Selamat fool his captors? Or are his captors so easily fooled? Under normal circumstances we can laugh it off as another kopitiam talk. If our people in authority are so easily fooled, my god, what else can happen? Come to think of it, this is nothing new in the little red dot. Are the people being fooled everyday, I mean look at the money they have been giving away to hot shot charities? A little gimmicks here and there, a little promotion, a few luminaries sit in the board of directors or acting as chairpersons, and all the guards becomes non existence. We are easily fooled, that is a fact.


Anonymous said...

If the highly intelligent bigwigs can lose millions (or billions) by listening to those guys in SEZ, what is not possible.

Mind you, those people are not your regular guard men.

Anonymous said...

i have some thoughts abt the fellow:

how long ago were his pictures taken, or were they updated at all during his custody here?

was his apparent limp/ physical handicap that this serial escapist had us believed, checked/ confirmed by our doctors?