Questioning the local msm

www.littlespeck.com posted an article by Cherian George questioning a lapse in the reporting of local msm on the Great Escape from Paradise. To Cherian's horror, he discovered that there were no reports or questions asked on how Mas Selamat Kastari escape. In Cherian's opinion, this is something basic that all readers would want to know. He was disappointed of course. But he must understand. Professional journalists and reporters have to be professional and accurate in their reportings. They must gather the data, scrutinise them carefully before putting them on print. This takes time. The bloggers and cyberspace warriors can just point and shoot. So everyone is shooting in all directions. Some hit, some miss. The msm cannot anyhow shoot and miss. Very malu ok. So got to be patient and wait. Maybe when the report from the independent inquiry board comes out, we will have 6 pages of articles on how the escape took place in the msm. In the mean time create your own news and fantasies and enjoy. The internet is one up definitely. The internet is here to stay.


Anonymous said...

Singapore msm not credible. It is pro-government. Any view critical of government or policies is suppressed. No alternative is tolerated.

Anonymous said...

'They must gather the data, sanitise them carefully before putting them on print' would be a more accurate description of the process.

'The MSM cannot anyhow shoot and miss', but CNA could not make up its mind in its recent report on the employment of Singaporeans on it's website recently, changing its tune three times, so says Mr. Brown.

First it was "More jobs will go to PR's in strong economy"
Then it was "More Singaporeans taking up PMET jobs" and
Finally it was "More and more jobs created but not enough Singaporeans to fill them". Obviously the invisible hand of sanitisation was at work and the third version obviously makes a totally and diametrically different impact compared to the first.

Anonymous said...

One month before the report will be out is way too long to alert public over what actually happen. Time means more key evidence are lost/hijacked. Is there anything so damning now if a picture of the physical breach is shown? This may help to allay conspiracy / community bonding / psch ops theory. Whether he was let out or he actually jumped over or crawl out, it was a breach as said (assisted by outsiders? JI? If assisted - shouldnt we be chasing the assistant also? OR was there something more sinister? For now we can only guess and speculate.

redbean said...

in a crisis like this, the msm has a vital role to rally the people behind the govt. only bloggers can kpkb in cyberspace.

the two play different roles, sometimes complimentary, sometimes loggerheads. a good combination i suppose.