Professionals to self regulate

Boon Wan has stepped in to the new buzz and decided that it is too much work for the ministry to regulate aesthetic medicine. It is now left to the professionals to regulate themselves. After the taxi bus implementation when the users rose in arms against the new regulations LTA also responded to modify the well thought out plans. It took quite a while though, and after many complaints before LTA relented to change. Kudos must be given to the MOH for changing their interventionist position to one of self regulation within a week of the announcement. And the professionals better to a good job to regulate themselves and not allow money to get in the way at the expense of professional ethics and the interest of the customers.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I take back what I said about MOH.

Well done. In this instance, you've earned my respect.

Let the professionals regulate themselves, and let them make their own mistakes and bear the consequences of multi-million dollar law suits brought against them.

When the govt steps out of the picture, opportunities for everyone open up :-)

redbean said...

yes, yes, don't everything also want to control. caveat emptor lah.

elfredinario said...

Caveat emptor?

MOH was right to intervene on behalf of its people. Caveat emptor is only good when consumers have honest sellers n can readily seek redress from the framework at ease.

Reddie, without MOH's intervention, that sector will end up another private education sector n charity situation... in a mess. And the gahmen will become an international joke.

But I don't think Mr Khaw won't intervene anymore. Just as means testing, he should proceed if he should.

Right now, MOH is a shiny leading example of 父母官.

Anonymous said...

Well well well, it looks like Mr Khaw dare not offend rich doctors from making money with a ban. He now insists that they self regulate.

Anonymous said...

Vote for those rich docs then, why bother with the government?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I for one, likes my doctors to be rich. Being rich means that they are more likely to be happy.

I do not want a tired, broke, over-worked doctor treating me when he is holding my life in his hands. I want him to be happy, confident and have pride in himself, his business and his work.

> why bother with the government? <

Exactly. The point is to get to a stage where we can really fuck the government off for good, and live in a completely privately-run, privately-owned voluntary society.

redbean said...

to regulate these acts is like mean testing. you can't do a good job by skimming the surface. and going into it will require a lot of resources. all the slimming agencies and beauticians may have to close.

there is a huge industry out there bordering on medical treatment. now where to draw the line.

Anonymous said...


Smart somehow. Let the government goes caveat emptor, becomes lobo, offend the world, and we can fuck the government officially. And the government will listen to you.

The government must be real stupid.

And all those who call the government to be vigilant should be ousted from cyberspace.

redbean said...

no need to call the govt to be vigilant. they already are. they even planned that you will live past 80yrs and have planned how to use your cpf money to live graciously and richly when you can't do anything.

probably you will only be able to enjoy a bowl of beancurd or redbean soup.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 907

I don't know if freedom is important to you, but to me individual freedom is the most important social 'goal'.

Every individual is responsible for his own life, and therefore as the saying goes, the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance. That means ultimately, each of us is responsible for our own freedom - individually and liberty, collectively.

> And the government will listen to you. <

I seriously doubt that that would ever happen. No govt on this earth has ever listened to any one of the 'ordinary people' when it comes to a request for freedom - meaning for govt to get out of the way. There are too many special interests and personal agendas of those people in govt - imagine to tell the govt to 'fuck off' would mean that the multi-million dollar civil servant salary scam would have to come to an end, and all those fuckers will have to give up their power.

Anyway, I'm one of those mad fuckers who actually doesn't want people to agree with me. I don't need to feel 'included' or 'united' with a group by agreeing with their point of view in order for me to feel good about myself, or 'validated' as a worthy human being ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like we have some anti-establishment folks here.

It is actually quite smart to bring down the government by talking bad of good government initiative, talking bad of sincere people with concerns, then the chance of telling government to 'fuck off' will become plentiful perhaps in the name of freedom.

Matilah, in the end, you are talking about 'caveat emptor' here in life. Pray that Mr Khaw will be that stupid to hold caveat emptor, and let the industy free to do whatever they want with Singaporeans.

I can perfectly understand this approach.

redbean said...

there are all kinds of critics, armchair critics, soi cowboy critics or whatever critics. critics are not necessarily anti establishment just like people who talked good about the govt are not necessarily apple polishers or ball carriers.

we are all just talking and chatting on issues, sometimes for them, sometimes against them. we will look very funny to say good, good, yes yes every day. likewise if we just condemn for the sake of condemning.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't know how you folks define 'critic', but it's not my intention to ever be 'passive'. Certain things the govt requires condemnation and redress sort, otherwise I'll be lying to myself when I state The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Although I consider myself well-versed in the topic of freedom, free enterprise, free markets and private property, I am constantly learning from wonderful human beings far better that I could ever imagine myself to be.

Every one of my phenomenal mentors has made the same statement: that until you actually live by the values of individual sovereignty and private property rights, you are just faking it. The meaning of live by is all-encompassing - one has to "prove it" by developing ones own life - everything from character to the increase in one's material well-being.

So judge me, if you must. I'm not here to prove anything to you.

Have a good day!

redbean said...

yo matilah,

i must say that you are freedom walking on two legs. you got a country so big that does not even know you exist.

in paradise, we are all numbered.

Elfred said...

Ok ok, moral has been a problem in sectors supposedly neeing moral, like Charity, Education and Health care. Now Mr Khaw spoke...

Hope meaning the gahmen will start doing something for the small consumers/Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Elfred, these guys are anti-government hoping to create chances to 'fuck' establishment, you are just wasting your time here.

Wise up!

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 113:

Please don't resort to becoming a dickhead by discouraging away from redbean's killer blog.

Our world, where we are all equal under the law, is a 'battle of ideas'. That's how our thinking and feeling species survives, and prevails without resorting to violence to impose ideas upon each other.

The central question is: "Is govt necessary?" If 'yes', then what is it's moral role, and how should it function? If 'no' then what are the alternative systems for justice and the rule of law, for social organisation etc.

Whether elfred, or anyone else for that matter, wants to 'waste his time' is really no concern of yours.

Have a nice day, oh nosey one!

Elfred said...

Hmm... Don't drag Elfred into your cross firing...

I only post for tok cock sake.

Anyway, this topic very interesting. But since Mr Khaw kena-ed before when Durai caveat emptor the gahmen into what had happened, no if some do try to fool the gahmen with more caveat emptors, Mr Khaw should know better and immuned. Hahahahahaha...

The gahmen's role in the sectors is obvious lah... Esp on the private education sector, I did my part oredi ding ding the top very early on. But I small ikan bilis, so no blame me can't do much more.

I'd shun here for a while while you guys have your fun...

Once bitten twice shy, I doubt Mr Khaw will be that stupid.

Matilah, take it easy.

Elfred said...

One last thing... Maybe they anti-gahmen.

But so many anti-gahmen pple, I only visit to tok cock. Nothing to do with what wisdom.

I think Reddie has enough of gahmen 'representives' in his blog. Hahahahaha...

redbean said...


oh elfred, you noticed too.

redbean said...

if this blog is anti establishment, i dunno how you would brand talking cock, sammyboy and ypap etc etc...

Elfred said...

Reddie, not everyone is as liberal/tolerant as myself.

If (say) MM ordered all your sites closed down, it can be done in one day. The gahmen-linked agencies have our IPs and sites registered constantly. See?

Are you aware of businesses and things that crossed (say) the ministers' wives the wrong way, and kena banned the next instance? Hahahahaha...

Even when I know d rules n play within the system, I can always find myself possibly under the poundings of civil servants who have their own 'rules' as fancied.

There r basically two types of YP... One, like Ti Liks n Gomez. The other, which are very few, like Elfreds. They face same (eg) cost issues. One takes the chance to go on streets, one try liaise with the top.

If I am the one monitoring you and your folks, that's one thing. But other YPs or civil servants, I cannot be sure. You yourself was a civil servant. You should understand.

You see no matter how I bashed and whine, it's at most taking cues from the 'leaders' n reported happenings. Even if I oppose as a politician, it's still a PAP politician. See? That's call 'within the system'. Even if I retire from PAP, I retire with good reasons and made open with it direct to PMO, showing totally malicious intents.

Try not, however, to outsmart the gahmen. Even MM himself keeps a watchful eyes on his ministers...

Ya from Today or Newpaper? Then all the more you must be more careful, esp with your exposure to some rich patrons. Mr Lee is not an advocator of free speech... PAP is not a simple party. If it is, I don't have to keep updating PMO of myself. Got it?

Also, somethings I see here n about you, but I just purposely say nothing, Reddie. Just don't go too far.

I really must ciao. See ya around. ;)

redbean said...

hi elfred,

what you said is very interesting. maybe you want to share with me by emailing me. cheers.

redbean said...

oh elfred,

you must be in some very impt organisation that your movement has to be reported to the pmo. now i know how you are involved intimately.