The poor must be rejoicing

Today I am feeling damn good. Inflation is hitting the rich harder by 3.9% while the bottom earners like me is hit only by 2.8%. Time to celebrate the good news. I am still wondering about those whose income is just sufficient for food and transport and how are they hit? 2.8% also? Now one plate of mee is up from $3 to $3.50, how many percent is that? A loaf of bread is up by how much? How much have vegetables gone up? I think for these buggers, the extra that they would have to pay just for food alone will be somewhere in the region of 20%. But officially or statistically they should also feel good. It is only 2.8%.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you are saying that you are among the bottom earners? I need to clean up my ear wax.

redbean said...

the official stats say that if one is earning about 10k one is in the top 20%. actually this is bull.

the top people are earning several hundred thousands a month. and many are earning 50k!

a household income of 10k is nothing. what is a peanut?

as i have explained earlier, a 5k household income from 5 working adult is bearly enough to keep each one going.

i feel very poor.

redbean said...

Raise fund to help the rich

With the rich seriously affected by the rising cost of living, it is time someone organise a charity show to collect donations to help them.

And we can put a few of time crying beside their Ferrari or swimming pool complaining about no money to buy petrol or can't afford to pay for cleaners to clean the pool.

poor buggers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Redbean,

Glad you also picked up on yesterday's headline.

First thing that came to mind is that they are really spinning dang hard, prob due to the increasing dis-illusion and disappointment from the ground regarding the rising cost of living - SOLElLY due to the last Fin Minister's and his whole machinery at MOF for the HUGE desparity on last year budget just so they have a REASON to push the 2% GST increase.

OR its our 'unoffical' Peasents, Feel Good Day yesterday? You can almost see the bright grims from all their faces after reading this piece of shit

I love my country - not necessary the Goons thats running it now.

redbean said...

well it sure let the unthinking poor feel good for a day.

Anonymous said...

those who spin lies, doing mercenary work, to the detriment of the poor will suffer retribution.