People's Elected Representatives or Walkovers

In a democracy like Singapore, we have a system to elect people's representatives as Members of Parliament. We even have an elected President. How many elected MPs are there in Parliament? We have 1 Non Constituency MP, a handful of Nominated MPs, some, yes, some elected MPs and a lot of Walkover MPs. Walkover MPs are supposedly elected MPs but walked into Parliament for lack of contest, no one contesting against them. In some countries, an elected MP must be an elected MP and walkover is a no no. How can a walkover MP claimed to be elected when the people did not elect him? We have been tinkering with many system to ensure that Singapore continues to exist into the future. Maybe it is time to tinker the electoral system to ensure that elected MPs are elected MPs and not Walkovers. When the system accepts only elected MPs, then the rules and regulations will have to be redesigned to facilitate more people coming forward to be elected. The punishing election fee, the unfriendly culture and intimidating system where political candidates faced have to be made more friendly to encourage participation. Or we will have to cry crocodile tears for lack of political talents. We cannot go on with an electoral system where the candidates are waiting to be recruited for good behavior and found to the likings of political parties. Such a system does not breed politicians but employees out looking for a job. Politicians and political leaders are a different kind of people. They use to call them 'people with a fire in their belly.' Now that fire is simulated like computer games. We need true politicians to step forward to serve the people. We need a system that can ensure that and not one that inhibits or frightens away would be politicians. Some may make cocky remarks that if one does not have the guts to go into the arena, then they are not made of the right substance to be political leaders. But any reasonable and a little wiser man will not step into a cul de sac and slip on his knucker duster when he knew that the odds are extremely unfavourable. We need elected representatives with the mandate from the people and a system that will ensure that every MP is elected by the people. Walking into Parliament by default is not a healthy system. We need more credibility to believe that elected representatives are really the people's choice. Likewise, if we want an elected President, then he must be elected and not another Walkover.


Anonymous said...

The present system is the selfish desire of one individual to ensure the dominance of his party in parliament. You can bet that with him around, no changes will be made to level the playing field. In fact, I only see it getting more lopsided in favor of the ruling party.

He is doing Singapore a great disservice. This system inhibit strong leaders from emerging. Do you see any great leader from the current system? I worry for Singapore's future.

What's worrying is that our minsters require mentoring and can't stand on their own. Do you have confidence in such leadership?

Anonymous said...

The PARTY will decides on the president, judges, mps and more.
The PARTY will decides on policies,
how you live now and how you'll live in the future and more.
The PARTY will decides who gets more and who gets less and more.
The PARTY will decides who's worthy and who's not and more.

Love the PARTY and accept it.

redbean said...

we need selfless leaders to bring the country forward. it is a disservice if we inherit a system that has the potential to ruin the future.

a nasty and ambitious group of people may come into power and exploit the weakness of the system to entrench themselves in power for a very long time.

we need leaders like deng xiaoping, jiang zeming,zhu rongji and the likes in china, to create a fair system of stability for future generations.