One man, one slip and a lot of red faces

No words can describe the Mas Selamat Kastari's escape. No amount of criticism or public outcry nor superlatives will be adequate for such a fiasco. No need to say anything more. There are now many theories about how it could have happened in cyberspace, in msm, in emails and sms and cocktail circuits. Wayang, planned for him to go for some conspiracy reasons, security lapse, a highly coordinated and clever escape plan with internal help, Hollywood style, or he was already dead, etc etc. Everyone's imagination is going into fantasy gear. In my view, walking out of that place is a near impossibility. And according to reports in msm, the guards are all gurkhas, professional soldiers with an impeccable reputation of incorruptibility. Unlikely to be sympathisers or part of any JI movements. So, even if it is an inside job, how could they go pass the gurkhas? For whatever reasons or theories, the damage to our professional and efficient image will take a collosal hit even if he is caught eventually. This is too big a credibility cost to stomach for our reputation and the pride of the men in uniform or our supertalents in govt. Thinking that it is a wayang is too high a price to pay. I was trying to imagine how could a person walk out of the camp and out of the surrounding little jungle without notice. It will take hours to leave the place on foot even if it is possible to walk out of the gate. I rule this out completely. A detailed and well thought out plan by some masterminds and executed by a team of professionals is just as ludicrous. Neither would it be possible for him to dig a tunnel or find a drainage tunnel to slip out from below. The most possible reason is that he has mastered some spiritual power that allowed him to walk out, unseen and unknown to anyone. Hmmm, the logical and objective options were out, and this must be the reason. While everyone is second guessing, thousands of men and women are combing the ground working non stop to track this one man down, all because of a security lapse. The resources and cost put into this exercise is simply unimaginable. And he could still be sleeping inside the detention camp.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Maybe years ago he went to see a bomoh who gave him an "ubat" to make himself invisible.

hairyman said...

i was in indonesia on holidays...a javanese holy man or bomoh...he told me there is some kind of magic...which can cause the people to be stunned for around 45 mins....there will be in some kind of like frozen state...they would not be able to recall what happend afterwards...he told me..one's need observe total abstince from sex..(mas selamat was not screwing any chicks inside the cell)...your mind must be firm..and he also said this will work only at certain time of a year..where certain stars closed to one another.....of course...i thought he was bull-shiting...but given under such circumstances....we need some answers on what happend in ISD......

redbean said...

hi hairyman,

welcome to the blog. what you said getting more real. and from the reports, i think the stunned duration is more than 45 mins.

when the power of super natural forces come into play, we humans, no matter how much we claimed to be supertalents, are not match.

maybe they need to seek guidance from a bomoh as well.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Asia is full of unknown powerful super-human beings.

In Japan they have the ninjas who kill people so silently the victims don't even realise they've died.

In China, martial arts pugilists fly through the air and chop up the less powerful with their swords.

...and less we forget, in Malaysia there is (if he/she is still alive) an unknown Bersilat exponent who delivered a fatal blow to Bruce Lee. The magic was so powerful that it took a week before the "force" cut in and killed Bruce Lee. To this day they haven't really figured out how Bruce Lee died—such is the power of Bersilat.

Alah Akhbar!

redbean said...

you still in thailand? very powerful black magic there.