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The last thing we want is for a woman to be made the PM by riding on the coat tails of her husband or father, and not on her own merit. Koh Kian Beng While reporting on a public forum discussing the possibility of a woman PM, Koh Kian Beng, a SPH journalist or reporter, inserted the above quote into his article in the ST today. I find this an amusing and interesting quote. Why should such an idea of a woman becoming a PM because of her husband or father be a concern in the first place? Are we expecting such a woman PM in the foreseeable future? Or why must a woman become a PM only through her connection and not her ability? A bit of sexist chauvinism and quite patronising to the women. The other point to amuse ourselves is that it is ok if a man becomes a PM because of his father or wife. So it is acceptable for a man but not acceptable for a woman to ride on his connection. This will be a good cocktail party gossiping topic. Hentail parties can dispute this judgemental view as well.

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Anonymous said...

This is the ST sublimely creating negative thoughts for a female PM. This is related to the woman presidential candidate in the US Elections. If you have noticed, they have done this kind of sublime messaging with the topic of an Indian PM. And we know who is the other US presidential candidate.

Our old man has already set his mind on who he will support in the US elections, based on what was written in the article he wrote for Washington Post.

If you have noticed well enough, everything that happened because of the people power (or voters) making it possible, the state-controlled media will say something negative about those things. Anything that suggest change is possible by the actions of people on the ground is not welcomed by our esteemed leadership.

So, every day you have this mouthpiece putting out negative news articles on things that does not benefit the party.

I won't stop buying ST. I will read the articles, I will tell people around me and show them the truth behind these (whiter than white) agenda packed news articles.