No words from Mas Selamat's family

I have been trying to hear from Mas Selamat's family and see what they have to say on his escape. After two weeks, still nothing heard. Neither was there any report on them. I think they must have given up on Mas Selamat. Or the journalists have all given up on them too. They are not news worthy, falling in the same category like how Mas Selamat escape. There may be people who want to know. But no one thinks it is important to follow up and do a write up about them. Would the family want to know where Mas Selamat is, or is he dead or alive?


Anonymous said...

It is better to be safe by not talking than be sorry by saying something and being implicated. You never know when they may 'fix' you.

redbean said...

i thought the family is innocent and should be safe topic. ok, your point noted.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice that there was no published words spoken by his family members ever since his name (MSK) surfaced in the media about his alleged activities?

We know what happened here. Do not have to guess too much. They have never featured (as far as I know) extensively any family members of ISA detainees in the media.

feedmetothefish said...

And I wonder how his children must feel.

How would you like to have your father taken away from you, detained then suddenly disappeared?

Without being charged in court?

redbean said...

maybe he has no children.

the charge against him is very serious. and it can't be fictitious or the community will rise in support of him.

it is tough.