No fear for price rise of rice

Price of rice is up by 30%. Now this one is deadly and beyond our control. We can expect all rice and related products to go up accordingly. Good news is that Chok Tong is concerned and has put a lid on all govt fees increases for now. He said, 'Govt fees, although their going up is justified, may be restrained for a few months, postponing the increases to next year or so.' With rentals and salaries going up and more increases on the way, it is difficult to continue with the same quality of services if the fees are not hiked. So they will be hiked, in small increases I presumed, to make them more affordable in the near future. Better late than now. Oh, GST revenue will go up as well as it is pegged at a percentage of all prices. For those who think that GST will be rolled back, Chok Tong gave a definite no. He said, 'Better to...use revenues generated to help Singaporeans in a more targeted way.'


Anonymous said...

'Use revenues generated to help Singaporeans in a more targeted way'

Hmmm, sounds more like helping those who supported them, like HDB upgrading, lift upgrading etc. Not the truth?

redbean said...

maybe can borrow terrain mapping technology to map out the poor singaporeans that need help.