Mysingaporenews anti establishment?

This is the remark posted here in my blog. And Elfred is so afraid on hearing this and is running for his life. What you people think? If any Singaporean who gossips or has something to say about Singapore affairs in a negative manner is anti establishment, I think there will be no pro establishment Singaporeans left. How bigotted can Singaporeans be if you commented on things that you don't agree with and you are branded as anti establishment? If this is the case, and if what Elfred said is the tooth, then we are not much different from totalitarian or authoritarian regimes. Are we? Can Singaporeans talk about Singaporean affairs without being branded as anti Singaporeans? My goodness, what have we become? A third world dictatorship with third world mentality? Do we have an opinion on things concerning us?


Anonymous said...

Look here. I am a loyal Singaporean who never break our laws. More and more laws. But I not touch them. Nor know of them. Only just not touch nor care. But I am not a happy Sgrean. Not happy with the ambient. 20years and more already.

Anonymous said...

'Do we have an opinion on things concerning us?'

I would put it as 'Can we have an opinion on things concerning us?

Elfred said...

Don't drag me in your little war with the gahmen pple leh~

You so old liao, 不懂事啊~

(Me see no evil... touch wood touch wood~ Ciao~)

redbean said...

i will erect the 3 proverbial monkey statues here in honour of elfred.

really, in this sophisticated cosmopolitan city of the 21st century there are people who think that having a contrary or different opinions is anti establishment?

and the pmo office is monitoring these people and thinking of fixing them? come on elfred, you must be kidding.

Solo Bear said...


No need to be so upset lah. When you give opinion of course got peoper criticize you what.

Look at my blog. So many peoper criticize me ohso i just take it lor.

redbean said...

i am upset for two reasons. one, they are here not to rebut but to attack personally. this is low down behaviour of doggies.

two, bloggers or singaporeans must not accept any brands that people feel so freely to stick onto you. you need to kick their arses for doing so to make sure it does not become a bad habit to brand innocent citizens with all kinds of derogatory terms.

be man enough to rebut on issues. maybe they don't have the intelligence to do so.

redbean said...

solo bear.

we should not take this kind of attacks quietly as if we are guilty. whack back to dispel the tooth. don't let any negative brand stick on you.

redbean said...

i forgot the third reason. we need to be aware that there are such unethical people who claimed to be pro establishment. and you can imagine if they are acting under the order of people in the establishment. then what kind of people are in authority?

i don't believe that our people in authority are of such makes. i believe they are honourable people with high morals and ethics and would not do such things.

these are pretenders who want to be invited. but for them to stoop so low, to compromise their own integrity, it reflects how eager they are and what they are prepared to do if they ever come into power.

very dangerous and despicable people. they will destroy the country and people for their own personal ambitions.

Solo Bear said...

OK lah. If you feel strongly you must kick them, it is your choice lah. Personally I feel it is a waste of time.

Visited your portal. Didn't know you had one. Cool.

There is a discussion thread where you said that the YPAP forum has gone to the dogs. Tried to get into that forum but it seems blocked.

Is YPAP forum down?

Solo Bear said...

Oh yar, you can turn on the moderation function in your settings if you want to block those irritating guys, you know.

redbean said...

hi solo bear,

the format of redbeanforum is easier to post and follow. i need more support there.

i am not sure of how to switch on the moderation function to block those porno posts. luckily i got bulikyre to help me dealt with that. now those foul postings could not get through to redbeanforum.

ypap forum is still being attacked by pornography and it seems that they did not have a regular moderator to delete them. at times it gets very bad.

the forumers there too have been asking whether it is going to become an X rated site. think they have not solved that problem yet.