The Mean Western Media - What a shame!

The myth that western media were objective, unbiased, truthful and fair reporting were clearly exposed in a report in the China Daily/Ann, REUTERS. The report is supported by evidence, pictures and writeups of western media, supposedly very reputable ones, of distorting truth and creating misleading news to attack the Chinese authorities in Tibet. When all the violence and killings were done by the rioters, the reporting and pictures were doctored to show that it was the Chinese authorities that were the bad guys. Among the culprits mentioned were CNN, BBC, Washington Post, Germany's Bild, N-TV and RTL TV and Berliner Morgenpost. It is really disgusting and distasteful for such organisations to stoop so low in their reporting of untruth and misinformation. Where is the credibility, where is the ethics, the moral standing for these ass organisations to do such disgraceful acts? It is an abuse of freedom of expression and freedom of the media when such misinformation are published as truth. What tooth? These organisations have destroyed whatever credibility they have and drag down whatever little credibility the western media has in general. The full article can be found in MyPaper today.


Anonymous said...

They all simply cannot take it. China's rising up to prominence is going to measure up to the air of white supremacy. So, they are doing everything nasty to keep this in check as long as they can.

The dragon is not going to sleep again.

redbean said...

i still remember some cocky buggers proclaiming that msm is the epitome of honesty and factual reporting that are well researched.

Anonymous said...

The CIA were funding many subversive activities in many countries during the cold war. You think the Western countries and US did not have a hand in Tibet to put China in a bad light?

The West talk so much about human rights but they themselves are the worst human rights abusers. When China refused to open up the country to the opium trade, the British started a war to force China to comply. Even in this modern age, the abuse of Iraqi prisoners is still going on and they talk about China not respecting human rights. It's just the pot calling the kettle black.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I hope the Tibetans cause more damage and take their violence to Beijing, hopefully killing some of the Chinese leadership and their families.

Fuck the Chinese State. They are getting what they deserve by stealing a country and forcibly engineering a people.

My well wishes to the Tibetans. Kill the Chinese bullies and do whatever it takes to cancel the Olympic Games. Do not be afraid to take your fight to Beijing and spill the blood of the politicians who have damned you.


(Burmese people take notice: in certain instances VIOLENCE is the ONLY solution you can count on)

redbean said...

matilah, you are encouraging them to become minced meat?

i am not going to take sides with this tibetan issue. there are a lot of historical and geopolitical forces at play. the tibetans will see it in their interest to ask for self rule. yes they are not asking for independence. they know why.

i hope the chinese and russians will support a few grand children of the red indian chiefs to start to riot and ask for their land to be returned to them.

why no western media supporting them? forgone conclusion. what human rights or native rights?

Anonymous said...

Fight all you can, no one can go against nature (fong shui lui lun chuan). Mati dah, mati.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Power comes from the barrel of a gun", said Mao. This is the language the Chinese leadership understand.

Anonymous said...

And so does the US! Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld's thinking have always been 'might is right'. Not to mention 'shock and awe'

redbean said...

when bush came to power, america was the undisputed superpower.

but he and his gang wanted to enforce it on the world. when he left office, they will be remembered for destroying america as a benign and friendly superpower.

they have bankrupted the american coffer in engaging in wars. and the average americans are going to pay dearly for their sins.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> the average americans are going to pay dearly for their sins <

I doubt it. Or put it this way, not as much as you think.

The people who are paying for it now is you and I - people in Asia (and Europe etc, but 'll confine myself to Asia).

The US has inflated their currency beyond belief - which is to be expected in times of war, and they are fighting many wars: military wars in Iraq and Afganistan, a war on terrorism, war on drugs, war on poverty and so on. All 'wars' suck money from the capital structure and redirect the money to produce goods and services of conflict used toward violent ends.

The fact is, the USD is the global reserve currency. Fancy that. A bankrupt, counterfeit currency with no value used as 'security' by the global financial system.

Long story short: the US pay for their international trade using their fucked up money. They also sell US Treasury Instruments to the world so they can print more 'monopoly money'. So the central banks of the world buy all this US debt and since countries trade with the US, bank the fucked up USD's into domestic foreign banks... what do you think is actually happening?

What is happening is this: hard working Asians, many of whom work for very small wages, and are already poor are being exploited by being tied to a falling, failing currency... because their own domestic money - in which their wages are paid - are 'supported' by US debt instruments, and US debt-laden credit money.