Malaysians have shown the way

It is possible to bring down an over confident ruling party. The Malaysians have done it, though the ruling party was not brought down yet, but the writing is on the wall. The facade of infallibility has been breached. All it needs is a confluence of many factors, big and small. Together they will tip the scale. The situation and conditions in Malaysia are quite similar except appearing in different hues. Removing the distractions, they are the same kinds of problem facing the people. And they have a few foolish ministers and some good for nothing ministers to help the people made up their minds. In our past elections, our ministers were the pillars of strength to lift or carry an entire GRC based on their reputation and weight. Would this assumption still holds true? In my observation, some are becoming a liability to the GRCs. They will bring down the GRCs instead. That is how bad things have changed. The momentum and direction have been set by the Malaysians. There is a high probability that they will be emulated here, in the next GE.


Anonymous said...

If it is an election of single wards all round, it is possible. But with GRC's, dream on. They may make Singapore into just 4 GRC's, North, South, East and West in time to come. By then we can only say 'It's happened, what to do?'

redbean said...

it is good for them to think that the grc is a failsafe formula. by the looks of things, if the existing grc formula is unchanged, i am expecting some interesting surprises.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It's still too early to tell.

The incestuous fellas from UMNO are licking their wounds at home whilst their daughters are probably licking their dicks.

It is going to be a long time yet before Malaysia shakes off the race-based culture which anchors their social organisation.

Anonymous said...

The race-based culture in Malaysia will remain if the UMNO leadership pass on the baton to Hishamuddin or Khairy, because these two are racist together with a whole nest of others. The NEP has been around for 30 years and cannot easily be dismantled overnight. The hardcores in UNMO will surely not allow that to happen. There is too much at stake for them. Could there have been a compromise that kept Abdullah Badawi still in favour I wonder.