Low income section or store by NTUC

NTUC is exploring the idea of setting up another store or section to cater to low income folks. All the while I thought NTUC Fairprice is meant for low income folks. Or there is now a lower low income group to service? Would someone be suggesting that mean testing be put in place so that the low income and middle income groups cannot visit this new section/store? Would those who can afford to pay more should continue to pay more and only those who pass the mean testing test can buy from the new store? It must be this way. If not everyone will be patronising the new store and deprive the lower low income group from the benefits.


Anonymous said...

Nothing new. Some neighbourhood stores have for years been selling things like toothpaste, milk powder, maggie chilli sauce, etc made for the Malaysian and Thai market. Of course the quality is different, but what to do if you cannot afford better stuff. Hmmm, this move by NTUC says a lot about our standard of living. It is going in the wrong direction. I also thought NTUC was the lowest we could go. More good years?

Anonymous said...

All the while I thought NTUC Fairprice is meant for low income folks.

NTUC is just a discount co-op, not necessarily catering to low income folks. NTUC does not need to set up another store to sell to the poor, all it needs to do is to takeover sheng seng, prime, abc and any other stores in singapore.

Anonymous said...

i wont be supprised that the idea is to raise the prices of goods in all the many existing stores, island wide, under the guise of setting up a few cheaper stores.

redbean said...

hmmm, quite similar to the options available to transport companies or property developers. you raise one and say the other is cheaper.

quite brilliant actually.