Looking for Mr Happy

This is surely the clearest sign of things are becoming bad. All the while I know that Singaporeans are all very happy. High paying jobs, govt angpows, full employment, world class services, staying in hospital also damn happy and don't want to go home. And the PRs and locals lagi happy. And their happiness are so infectious that all the FTs and foreign workers are also happy. The happiest of course are in the cabinet, I mean kitchen cabinet. They should instead be looking for Mr Unhappy. Now that will be a difficult task normally. Luckily with the recent turn of event you may find someone very unhappy. What I am not sure is how much would be spent on this happy exercise. Who is paying for such a creative idea? We are first world and the citizens are very mature to welcome such a wonderful idea.


Anonymous said...

Well, someone did suggest during the IMF meeting here sometime ago when they wanted 4 million smiles, to give each Singaporean a mask with a smiling face and presto lots of smiling faces all around.

And it is so cheap. Just ask the hospitals to donate the unused masks during the sars outbreak, draw a broad smiling mouth on it and give one to each Singaporean. You need a million dollar brain meh!

Matilah_Singapura said...

"The Pursuit of Happiness" is a fundamental element in human freedom. However the pursuit of happiness in itself doesn't guarantee anyone 'happiness' itself. It is up to the individual.

The idea of "The Pursuit of Happiness" however is readily misunderstood, and most people take it to mean that 'happiness' is something that might occur in the future.

However, there is no really such thing as 'the future' (or the past - they are both abstractions), there is only the present moment.

I don't know whether this works for anyone else, but I have discovered happiness is where you find it, or create it, in the present. Let's face it, tomorrow a bad situation might occur to guarantee you feel UNhappy. So if one can choose to be happy right here and now, it is silly IMO not to do so.

redbean said...

only sinkies can get orgasmic high on such a call and rush in for it.

Anonymous said...

Don't need to look far, we have 20 happy cabinet ministers who become toto millionaire every year and when they retire, strike another big toto prize again. See how happy they are. If they aren't happy, just cut their pay and problem solved.

redbean said...

If only Ah Meng is still around

I will nominate Ah Meng as the happiest living bean in paradise. She had all the qualities to fit the bill. She had a smile that will floor anyone. And she brought happiness to many by simply taking pictures with people or shaking their hands.

And she had a great sense of belonging, staying in her own designated palace and being served everyday without having to work.

And now, after her death, they have erected a monument to commemorate her.

Anonymous said...

Why waste time to look for the happiest person when you need to look for the causes of the unhappiness among the citizens?

Why find one happy person? After that, there are still have thousands and thousands of unhappy people around. You mean, after finding this one happiest person, this person will make the unhappy people happy.

Who give a damn!!

This is crap of the highest level and in the mega portion of bad taste.

redbean said...

sinkies will still swallow anything from the west or expert consultants hilariously.

do they have to pay for it?