Lim Guan Eng better be careful

The DAP is going to abolish NEP in Penang! PAS is saying they are not agreeing to it. Lim Guan Eng better not be another cock and plunge Penang and Malaysia into another nightmare. The ultras are licking their wounds and are looking for an excuse to let loose their anger. And blood tasting is what they may be looking for. The position of PAS is more sensible. PAS also did not totally agree with the NEP. What they want is to modify the NEP to benefit all races, especially the poor. That should be the way to go for DAP. Review the NEP, keep the good and discard the bad, change a little here and there to benefit all Malaysians. Throwing it out into the bin without a second look is inviting for trouble. In a time like this, a lot of good common sense is needed to take in the sensibilities of all the races. Lim Kit Siang better quickly whisper to him a few pieces of good advice along this line.


Anonymous said...

The dust has not even settled and already trouble is brewing between members of the opposition. In Perak, LKS does not want to accept the Perak SUltan's choice of a PAS man to be the MB. Malays will see this as insolent behaviour towards the revered Sultan. Yes, the ultras are licking their wounds, and stupid LKS is providing them with the ammunition. The party may be over as soon as it has started.

redbean said...

in the case of perak, i support kit siang's position. the mb post should go to PKR candidate since the state law only accepts a malay candidate. PKR won more seats than PAS. PKR should also boycott the ceremony.

but DAP should work closely with PKR and PAS to improve on the NEP to make it fairer to all races.

Anonymous said...

Good. Then you will see all the gains by the opposition during the just concluded election quickly unravel at the next one as Malays disgusted with the way the DAP has insulted the Sultan swing back in droves towards the ruling coalition. The BN and mainstream media will have a field day with this.

Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian Chinese PR living in Singapore. I don't agree with YB Lim Kit Siang. He should let go of his prejudices regarding PAS. PAS has toned down their image but it seems YB Lim is still hung up over the Chinese chauvanistic nature of the DAP. May I remind everyone that in spite of what was achieved last Sat, inter-ethnic relations remain fragile and that Malaysia remains a Malay-majority country now and very likely well into the future. This is the reality that Lim has to get into his head. I also agree with anonymous that the Malays will interpret Lim's reaction as an insult to the Perak Sultan, since he was the one who picked the PAS candidate from among the three names submitted. It is sad if the hard fought battle of last Sat comes to nought because of the inflated ego of one man.

redbean said...

malaysia should work towards more malaysian, at the same time giving more priorities to the bumis. the nep can be massaged towards such a goal. what all parties should look at is a fairer society.

the special provision for a mentri besar to be a malay in perak is not being challenged and need not be. but the sultan should play by the rules and appoint a malay candidate from the party that has the most candidates. in this case it should come from PKR. this is legally correct. the sultan should not go back to the pre mahathir days when they can do anything they want.

rule of the law must be adhered to. and as the sultan, he should upheld the law.

redbean said...

in this sense i agree with you. sometimes it is necessary to bend a little to accommodate a uncomfortable position temporarily and find a longer term solution.

they could have made representation to the sultan and may have been turned down. not turning up is very touchy and can be exploited.

ya, better to find a middle path for peaceful coexistence.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, there is no such rule that the Sultan has to appoint the MB from the party that has the most candidates. If that was the case, then he should have appointed someone from BN, because the BN is the party with the most number of seats. The Sultan is above politics. His concern is the welfare and well-being of the rakyat. By dismissing and contesting his decision YB Lim and people like you are implicitly saying that the Sultan is dabbling in politics. That is blasphemous so don't anyhow shoot blanks lah. I don't think you fully understand or appreciate the psyche of the Malays in Malaysia.

redbean said...

i think i do have a little understanding of the malays. i grew up next to a kampong and have them as friends and classmates. i too witnessed the may 13 incident.

if i am correct, the law says the mentri besar should come from the party that won the election. in this case the winner is the coalition of PKR, PAS and DAP. BN lost even if they won the most seats. the menteri besar must come from the coaliton parties.

it is good and vital to be sensitive to the bumiputras. that is why i said PAS has become very balanced. let's hope anwar can talk some sense to all of them.

correct me if i am wrong. i still think the sultan is wrong in this case, and if so, is dabbling in poltics.

Anon 9.42 and 10.01 said...

DAP, PKR, and PAS did not contest the election as a coalition. They only talked about a coalition after the election, so for all intents and purposes are to be treated as separate parties. If DAP won't support PAS and PKR in the state assembly then there is no coalition to even speak of. So what are you talking about ? And yes, you are wrong about the 'rule'. The State Constitution states that the Sultan will appoint a person among the Aduns who HE BELIEVES can command the confidence of a mojority of the ADUNs. The provision does not state that the candidate has to be from the single party that has the most seats in the assembly. The choice of the MB is a prerogative of the Sultan. That is the rule.

Singapore Malays are very different from their Malaysian counterparts. Growing up in a kampung a long tiem ago and having witnessed an incident that happened forty years ago by no means qualify you as understandign the Malaysian Malays. Your ignorance is shown when you openly accuse the Sultan of Perak of dabbling in politics. That is definite no-no even if it is true, and no one can say for certain if it is true or not. Malays hold the rulers in high regard so if you understood them as you claim, you would not have said what you said.

redbean said...

i would not claim to be an expert in malaysian affairs. i go into malaysia very often and have many malaysians as friends.

the 3 parties need not form a coalition before contesting the election. any group of parties can form a coalition govt after the election which is what they are doing now. that is why bn conceded that perak has gone to the opposition.

if i am not mistaken, the sultan of perak is a well educated man. if what you said is correct, then i will agree that he is right, his prerogative to appoint anyone as mentri besar, even from bn.

anyone else can help to clarify this point?

let's not shout blasphemy as an argument. did the sultan dabble with politics in the appt of the mentri besar has to be looked at factually.

there many bumi and malaysian readers here who can shed light on this.

Anonymous said...

Correction, they are trying to form a coalition now, but from the looks of things, it does seem that in Perak at least, the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition will be still-born. There are rumours currently circulating in KL that AI is trying to get several UMNO ADUNs to cross over and help form the state government because of the problems the DAP is causing now. One thing you got to realise about the Malays is that they may disagree and fight over politics but they will close ranks and unite for the betterment of the community and religion if need be. It happened before in 1969 when PAS joined BN, albeit briefly and it can happen again. Lim Kit Siang is playing with fire. I also think whether the Sultan of Perak is dabbling with politics or not is immaterial simply because it is his right within the State Constituiton to appoint whoever he believes is the right candidate. Unless you can read his mind, there is no way you can conclude with any certainty on what basis he came to the decision, so it is very presumptous on
your part to be levelling unsubstantiated accusations at him. The PAS guy is a British-trained engineer, while the PKR candidate was a former postman. Perhaps you can now see why the Sultan chose the PAS guy ?

redbean said...

Apology to Perak Sultan and Regent - No offence intended
March 13th, 2008 (37 minutes ago) « No Comments »

My three-paragraph statement at 7 pm last night that the DAP Central Executive Committee emergency meeting on 9th March had not given approval for a PAS Mentri Besar to head a Perak coalition state government was not made out of disrespect to the Perak Sultan and Regent both whom I have always held in the highest regard and I apologise for any offence caused. The statement was on the party position at the time.

There have been further discussions and developments on the matter in the hours after the statement. Announcements of the latest position will be made.

the above is posted in sammyboy but came from kit siang's blog. hope it is good enough to tone down the damage.

redbean said...

i think PKR has more than one elected rep.

whatever, best for all parties to play by the rules and be moderate in their demands. it is good that kit siang has apologised but whether the umno is going to stir it is another matter.

hopefully guan eng also quickly change his stance on the nep. we can only hope that malaysia will come out of this in better shape than before.

Anonymous said...

Well, if UMNO takes advantage of this debacle, we should all point our fingers at YB Lim KS. He has clearly lost the plot, and the best thing the DAP can do is to jettison him before he causes any more damage to the fragile opposition alliance. He is a man who is out of touch with the times and reality.

redbean said...

that i agree with you. guan end must also change his position on the nep. otherwise all the gains and goodwills will go to nought as you said.