Keep people informed with timely information

Li Xueying calls for more timely and correct information to keep the public informed and avoid wild speculations. In her article in the Straits Times she referred to Mas Selamat case as an example. So was the NTU lecturer's article that more jobs were going to foreigners and being attacked for being 'irresponsible an unprofessionable.' And strangely, the recent MOM reports actually vindicated what the NTU lecturer had said. Poor bugger. The public deserves to be informed as they are not illiterates or idiots that can't handle information.


Anonymous said...

Who can ever trust what ST writes nowadays? This article is another "approved" anti-establishment news report that the higher up wanted to use to soothe the angry ground sentiments.

Nothing to rave about. Just crap and shit combined in one pile.

The point said is that the MSK details are delayed but never really wrote in a way to point directly at the government. Never answer the Cherian question: why the ST writers never ask the "HOW" questions.

One look at the article you know what they are doing. Crap at the highest level...

Anonymous said...

Well the information on MSK comes in slowly and steady..
1) He went to toilet (abrupt stop)Guard let him go toilet (abrupt stop)
1a) WKS said there is a physical breach. (abrupt stop) He acted alone. If He is still in SIN, good chance we catch him (Stop - let investigation begins)
1b)Reported : soon SIN will go back to normal..
2) His clothes shown after 6 days (abrupt stop)
3) MM said bars/no bars in the windows toilet +++ complaceny lah (must investigate)
3a) PM weight in after many days. (this is very serious)
4) lady at mount pleasant said say the man limp and in reported clothes of same color. Not a planned escape. (After so many days..)
5) CCTV camera @ blind recorded images @ about 2105hours (images yet to be seen or reported by ST.

Look this way, this is a PRISON. If the man is missing for even 3 mins, the guard would have gone after him (that explain the complaceny part). No bars in prison (staff toilet?)That explain the physical breach. Well the paid camp commandant is so dumb (that also explain the complancy bit)ST does not need to report who is the camp commandant? Be patient. Well you have to decide what you hear.

So far the logistics, our army, our police, the bunker's monitors, grassroots, JI on TV, coastal police, immigrations , psych defence; coastal watch, all logistics & manpower are completely put to the test & exercise to search for a fugitive who was reported escaped.

We are part of this exercise to look for him.

This a Prison and run like one. Can one walk out or climb over the well protected fence of a Prison? This is puzzling.

We will of course keep a look-out for him. If found, he will be in a state of despair & hulluciation . becos he had been in the jungle for too long.

My haunch tells me he will be found soon.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean can be managed - only tell them enough... say enough and say no more...afterall we had managed SIN like this all these years... Sin will return to NORMAL soon. It is very NORMAL. So what the fuzz...

redbean said...

quite true. after a few more days, nothing will be reported on the escape and all back to normal, forgotten.

singaporeans are reacting to this for some excitement but will get tired of it very quickly.