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It's an exercise...Want to know more?

Let me speculate on this theory with more clues that I have gathered from the msm. Don't take it seriously. This is an exercise too, for those who want to see it this way. And those who want to see it from another perspective can also try to collect their own evidence to support their case. 1. We are famous for being professional and meticulous to the point that nothing can go wrong. And for a highly dangerous prisoner, fat hope that he can fly out from the detention centre. 2. There is a physical breach! Ridiculous suggestion. It is as good as saying our men are sleeping on the job. Unikely. 3. They took 4 hours to release the news. Another sign that there is no need to hurry. 4. The information were in drips and draps and not very accurate. Execise material. 5. Kan Seng was seen on TV smiling. A big giveaway. 6. Search was only on one part of the island around Whitley area. Why only one part and the MacRitchie part not touched on the first day? A bit of artificiality here. 7. Sniffer dogs are now in use, after several days. Why not the first day? 8. Interpol was informed also after a couple of days. Probably no need to tell them but on second thought. 9. After so many days, still searching from one park to another, assuming that he can only hide in parks. Why not HDB or housing estate as the first day? Going into housing estates will be troublesome as it will get the people all excited and difficult to coordinate. In the parks and reserves, like exercise grounds. 10. More information are given after a few days, like computer games. As one advances into the game, more information will be provided to lead the players along. 11. No need to put up monetary rewards for a Most Wanted Man. 12. No condemnation from the US or our neighbours. Now this part is very interesting. I am exhausting my possible clues. 13. Hsien Loong hasn't spoken on this I think. No need to make him comment on an exercise I think these should be enough to build a case that it is an exercise.


Anonymous said...

Here is to add on to your theory .. IF He is in another part of the prison known only to a select few. We have to assume the committee FORMED have no knowledge whatsoever but that they will have to examine this conspiracy theory too. So we assume the former judge, the former Chief Police and the Dy Sec.. are all not part of this exercise /theory, in this way they can do their work independently and leave no stones unturned? Including this theory...

redbean said...

we need to wait for the story to be told officially. at the moment people are all speculating.

if we can find the truth, the tooth is also ok. we can live with the tooth.

redbean said...

After speculating that it is an exercise...

If we were to consider the consequences and how ridiculous we look to the rest of the world, the price is really too high for this to be an exercise. And we would also have undermined all the greatness of everyone involved in the security of our country.

Nay, too much to pay for, too much at stake. This is not masak masak. It is serious matter that affects the security and lives of our people and people of other countries.

Let's hope that he is captured soon. It will be so embarrassing if Osama produces a tape honouring him with the Star of the JI award.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Bruddahs, sistas, and moffogas, verily I sayeth unto you:

"Pride cometh before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall."

Pope Matilah_Singapura I