It was a good exercise

Teo Xuanwei reported on a Today poll that found Singaporeans are more concerned about security threat. The Mas Selamat Escape is doing a lot of good to the people and country. Prior to the exercise, Singaporeans took security for granted. Now 1 in 2 are concerned. This is 50%. Before the exercise maybe 1 in 100. No hue is the word. And the exercise continues. The approach now will be more targeted unlike the earlier part when searches were launched to cover every inch of the ground, with or without lead.


Anonymous said...

If they had covered every inch of the ground and they cannot find Selamat, then he must have left Singapore. Maybe now they have to search underground, like the MRT tunnels, the sewerage tunnels and also up in the trees.

Anonymous said...

Change of tactics means that the initial super talented ideas do not work anymore, it is now back to the good old ways of doing things.

Noticed that on the TV, the short WKS only addressed to a group of Gurkas and praising their good work. Hey, SAF and SPF boys, your boss did not look you up enough.

At least, the SAF boys at the beach did get to have some sea view, minus the rain.

redbean said...

check the toilet bowl. but maybe too late. probably flushed out to become newater.