The ingenuity of it all

The protest at Parliament House can best be remembered for its ingenuity. The protestors all in red and dragging children along with them must have looked very fierce and violent. But top marks go to the law enforcers. In the face of militant protestors, the face off was with female police officers in civilian clothes and unarmed. It was a gentle feminine touch that should win the hearts of all the media present. They would have no reasons to brutalise the police for using excessive force. For if they did, the reply will be fighting militancy with love. No violent suppression. No bloody nose.


Matilah_Singapura said...


redbean said...

that's matilah's way of trying to be friendly, right?

Anonymous said...

They have learnt from the last time when all the policewoman were wearing full police uniforms. The media went to the town with tons of pictures of our police state.

This time round, they (uniformed ones) wore white polo-shirts with the "POLICE" word on the back. They did not carry arms or wore caps.

This time, no ang chias.

Using policewomen to "escort" the male "protesters" will invite entrapments.

One thing is for sure, they are seriously know that the media (non-state controlled) will bring the image of the police down in these embarassing times. It is all about PR and marketing, painting a false picture to the rest of the world.

OR, all the policemen are out in force searching the evasive MSK. Are they calling back the reservist policemen to help too?

Anonymous said...

What police image? Do they have any more image to uphold after the great escape of MSK?

Matilah_Singapura said...

A policeman/woman who bullies peaceful citizens exercising their constitutional rights (for any reason) is no friend.

If it would have been me they tried that shit on, I would have out a few of them in hospital.

redbean said...

what is marvellous about the whole incident is that we used petite and pretty lasses to floor an increasingly militant protestors.

china and other countries must come to learn this technique from us. riot control in the olympic will be so much prettier.