Improving public transport - Taxi bus

The bus and MRT system will now be boosted with a taxi-bus system. Taxis will now operate more like buses and MRT with designated stops to pick up and unload passengers. Maybe the next step is to charge taxi fares according to the number of taxi stops and have regulated taxi routes. I hope the little convenience which used to differentiate taxis from buses and MRT, like bringing passengers to their doorstep, will not be missed. And for the lost of such a convenience, taxi fare can be lowered to meet the new level of service.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I read the ST article with amusement. I was laughing at those drivers who complain about taxis stopping to pick up and let off passengers.

Fuck the selfish drivers. You bloody arseholes, do you know WHERE you are? You are in a POPULATED city - high density, lots of people. And during the day the roads are busy. (duh!)

Yeah, you inconsiderate motherfuckers behind the wheel, you are not the only people on this planet, and you are not the only person using the road which you think your incontinent paedophile grandfather owns.

Women with kids, the sick and the elderly use the taxis BECAUSE of the point-to-point nature of the transport. So do the rest of the the "normal" public. And fucking-A, they pay for it now.

No one takes a cab "for fun".

You...impatient prick driver gets to enjoy your nice car, which you've obviously worked hard to acquire (kudos to you), has the pride of ownership...and more often than not drive your car "for fun" even though it's costing you.

There is NO WAY anyone can survive in a densely populated society if the individuals of that society don't move and make way for one another.

If people are willing to shift and accommodate each other - i.e. acknowledging the fact that there are many other human beings around who are also alive and getting through life, then maybe S'pore will be truly on its way to becoming a 'gracious society' without the likes of a buffoon like Goh Chok Tong trying to engineer it - and cocking up (as is to be expected)

Anonymous said...

frankly the bus services are the worst of the lot, they have a long waiting time/interval during off-peaks probably to save costs at the inconvenience of the commuters. not sure abt the quality control, but it is common to see 2 same services gating/ arriving together. these complaints are found in the mainstream papers.

I wrote to them a year back abt the incidents, yet I am still reading the same complaints today. would these complaints be addressed/ solved if there were high stds of accountability/ quality control on top of able Public Relations officers;why cant they get their act right before raising the fares?