Ignore Cyberspace at your own peril

Recently we have seen the enormous power of internet in the Malaysian GE. It has now established itself as an alternative source of news freely available to the masses. Thanks to the msm for specialising in the types of news they chose to report. Picking up a piece of msm is picking up predictability. What will be reported, how the news will be reported, the slants and the skews are like commercial advertisements. I think the people are tired of such reportings. And the assumption that people are still ignorant and gullible and will take all the news in the msm, including opinions, as the correct view and popular view is disgusting. Reading msm without reading blogs and internet forums is like putting blinkers on oneself. Many things will not be reported in the msm. That is a fact. One will be deprived of looking at the different angles and sides of an issue. And this is vital and unacceptable to an increasingly well educated and aware populace. Politicians who think that reading the msm is enough, or whatever feedback by their runners are good enough, will gravitate to their own ivory tower of half truth or accepting the tooth.


Anonymous said...

Example: Michael Palmer

Well, he probably reads too much into what were said in the state's MSM.

“Before I joined the grassroots organisation, I never knew there were poor people in developed countries”

redbean said...

we must be happy for him. that must be his day of enlightenment, with a little help from the msm.