I don't need your approval

Isn't that nice? The cyberspace is providing a platform for everyone, young and old, rich or poor, powerful or powerless, to say what they want, to say what they think is important, without requiring the approval of the msm or their editors. This is the greatest development since the practice of universal suffrage. The voice has returned to the people. And the people must use this voice wisely and to put it to good use in their own interest. Speak for yourself. Speak your own truth. The people now do not have to accept other people's agenda and other people's truth. Welcome to the brave new world of Cyberspace.


Anonymous said...

The tooth is the tooth, why need someone to tell you you cannot say this or that because it reflects badly on the establishment. Cyberspace users will regulate themselves, because untruths will be shot down. That's the tooth, er I mean truth.

Anonymous said...

It's the perfect haven for anti-establishment people like yourself.

Earnestly, I admire your courage to be so sarcastic. I look forward to more of these tooths of yours.

redbean said...

long long ago, so the story was told. the king and queen were wise and born to rule. the prince and princess were handsome and beautiful and they get to get married and live happily ever after.

in the 21 century, the king and queen often provd themselves to be dunces and prince and princess, you know what.

today, the govt are made up of people who used to live next door to you, go to the same school and play marbles together. they no longer claim the mandate of heaven and undisputable authority.

if they are good, praise and honour them. if they are bad, kick them real hard.

it is sad if we still live or be trapped in the old world realities of untouchable royalties.