How does the US system measures up to ours

For one, the US has a President that does not do much except to read scripts written by the thinkers and real policy makers. His main job is to look good and act cool, and make nice quotes for the media. And for such a job, the Americans feel that paying him half a million bucks is definitely more than what he deserves. The Americans are smart enough to pay for what the President is worth. That is the reason why only Hollywood lookalikes are more likely to be elected. The tall dark and handsome lady killers.And these characteristics also apply to all their politicians. As for real talents to run the country, the Americans rely on the bureaucrats, the full time state employees or our equivalent of civil servants. These are the people that remain no matter which party or president is elected to power. There will be some face changes at the top, the Secretaries etc. But the bureaucrats plod on while at the same time giving the impression that the Presidents and Secretaries are running the show. That is the reason why there is no need for super talents to be elected as politicians. Even the nominees to Secretaryship can be a hotpot of peas, beans and turnips. And the American voters play along, support the candidates, wear party colours and turnout to vote. It was all a show, life shows where everyone got a chance to play a part. Money were spent and everyone got to enjoy some of them and the spectacle. Unlike ours, our election is a serious affair and the voters take it very seriously and would not anyhow vote anyone into office. One good thing about the American system is that it will last for a long time. It is just a party. One bad thing about our system is that it relies heavily on one very strong man to pull everything together. And this one man better be good, honest and honourable. If he is crooked, our system will go to the cesspool. Will our system last?

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