Hospital Resort concept

We are now seeing more people refusing to be discharged from our hospitals. Now why? Are our hospitals so comfortable, like hotels and resorts, that people are having a good time recuperating there than getting themselves discharged? Or is the hospital cost still too low and the patients find them still affordable? I think relatively the hospitals must be giving good value for money vis a vis the hotels. Otherwise these patients would have move out to stay in the hotels instead. Or is it because they have some savings in the Medisave which they might as well spend them or else it would be left untouched? I think Boon Wan must rethink his idea of making hospitals more comfortable and affordable. The latter is a contradiction. Make it cheap they do not want to leave. Die die want to stay in the hospitals. Boon Wan may want to reintroduce the natural selector concept in the hospitals. This may be a way to discharge patients and provide more bed space for those who really need them.


Anonymous said...

Why worry? People are now buying total shield healthcare insurance, so it is the insurance company paying for it. So it is still affordable to stay longer.

This story will never end. Why? Because as insurance premium gets more expensive, some people will think that since they pay so much, might as well take full advantage and stay longer. After all, they are not paying the bill now. The insurers will take care of it. It is going to be a vicious cycle. Just wait and see.

redbean said...

the abuse of the insurance scheme is not new and the americans have experienced the worst of it for a long time.

it is like a dog chasing its tail. it keeps spiralling upwards. very similar to high wages and high food prices.

who is wiser? and who ends up paying for higher and higher premiums?

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed that no new public hospital was build for the last 20 years and population had doubled at the same time?

redbean said...

cannot over built or people will treat hospitals as holiday resorts.