Hong Lim Speakers Corner

There were new calls to revive and promote the Speakers Corner. It is obvious that the corner is dying like the bubble tea shops. It was a flash in the pan excitement. So some people are trying to make this corner a lively place for talking cock again. I believe that the Speakers Corner should be left as it is, as the Symbol of Free Speech that is uniquely Singapore. A speaker's stand should be erected in the park, like the one Stamford Raffles is standing on. And on the stand should be inscribed the history of free speech in Singapore. It can start something like this. Long long ago, freedom of speech was very important in Singapore. And the govt contributed this park for the citizens to express themselves freely. This speaker's stand was also erected to allow the speakers to stand above the crowd to speak. Long queue of speakers took turns to speak to a park packed with spirited Singaporeans. Over the years the people got richer and more contented with their lives and found speaking in the Speakers Corner a waste of time. Slowly they abandoned the park. They have more important things to do, like making more money, than wasting time here. Today, the Speakers Corner is a monument and symbol of the history of freedom of speech given to the people. At the bottom it may include a postscript saying Singaporeans choose to stay at home as transportation cost is too high to get to the Speakers Corner. And on the reverse side of the speaker's stand the whole procedure on application for a permit to speak in the Speakers Corner can also be inscribed. This will make it easy for anyone to know how to go about applying for a permit. The place can then be promoted as a tourist attraction.


Anonymous said...

If they give you a corner to speak and you do not want to speak and want to protest, then one day they will perhaps build an indoor venue for all to protest. Where else in the world do they have such a benevolent Government like ours. Please don't say I am more cynical lah!

redbean said...

both of us are seeing the same picture. the govt is so kind to offer a huge park for the people to speak, and call it speakers corner some more. but the people do not know how to use it creatively. if they go there to talk about f1, the IRs and the dreams of a beautiful singapore where all singaporeans will be paid a lifelong income till their last days, it would be so nice.

it is the people's fault. cannot blame the govt.