Guided by different principles

More than two weeks have passed. They are still trying to catch him. A few thousand uniformed men and several thousands running around doing it for free. Would these freelancers really be motivated to do it? We have long been championing the principle of paying for talent and contribution. We pay very well for talents as their work are talented work and cannot be for free. Else we will cheapen their self worth. Now we are expecting people to run around to catch the most wanted man for free. And mind you, their time and effort, food and transportation all costs money. They have out of the pocket expenses while running all over the place. I think some will do it zealously for the stupid idealism of duty and nation. But this is a dying breed. Many that go along could be just wayanging. It is time to live by the true principle and pay the talents for the capture of Mas Selamat. And the price should be at least a couple of millions after so many failed to catch him. Time to put up a $3 million reward for the most wanted man if we want him badly. We cannot live by two separate principles, one demanding high rewards for work done and one demanding people to slog for free on idealistic principles.


Anonymous said...

Redbean this exercise is different, Only public enemy number 1 can cause SIN to sit up & be driven to have nationalistic idealogy & patrotism energy.

Money can buy but not drive the energy. State would prefer all to stand up and be naturally counted & be united. Without talking about money.

Complaceny.. it not only the Guards, it SINGAPOREAN who are targeted. We had become complacent. ( we are not falliable...) To drive SINGAPOREAN out of our deep slumber & physiological excesses, we need a exercise like this to wake up our nationalistic fever.

Money is the furthest in the mind of the master planner. It defeats the intention.

redbean said...

you may have your point. it could be a political exercise.

no one knows the truth yet.