The goodness coming from the GE

The Malaysians have two men to thank for the results of the GE and a new Malaysia. Credit must go to Anwar for bringing about two unlikely bedfellows together to share a common dream, a Malaysian Malaysia. And credit must also go to Abdullah for allowing this to happen. Today, Abdullah is talking about a Malaysia for all Malaysians, a fair and level playing field, uniting all Malaysians and prosperity for all. This is a stark contrast from the pre election days when he allowed UMNO to be more extremist than PAS. UMNO was then trying to be more Islamic and more Malay than whatever PAS stood for. UMNO was trying to outdo PAS! Now PAS has moderated its position, and this caught UMNO with its pants down. Now a new tune is being sung by all parties, in the govt and the alternative govt. Everyone is talking about a Malaysian Malaysia. The challenge to the future is whether Anwar is strong and dynamic enough to keep PAS under check and not going the extreme Islamic path. And on Abdullah's part, whether he can rein in the ultras in his party and return UMNO to be a party for all Malaysians. His problems are more difficult as there is also the big issue of corruption among his close aides and ministers. UMNO needs a thorough clean up and many of his corrupt gangs must go. To think that Samy Vello is still thinking of leading MIC as a component member of the BN speaks a lot about where UMNO is.


Anonymous said...

UMNO is singing a new tune, but the reality is left to be seen. Remember Hishammuddin, when criticised for his keris-rattling act during the UMNO assembly last year, reiterated that he will continue to do it and that his keris will be covered in blood of those who questioned the rights of the Malays? It will be interesting to see whether he dances with the new tune.

redbean said...

the whole umno support is shaken. many bumis are turning against umno for their own reasons. many of them see umno as a corrupt party with politicians only thinking of their own pockets and not the interest of the ordinary bumis.

any antics by hishammuddin will see him facing the wrath of pas supporters and pkr.