Electronic parking guides are up

Electronic panels showing the number of parking spaces available in the Marina centre area are up. Nice. Wonder how much they cost and who is paying for it, plus maintenance. They forgot to provide a viewing area on the side of the road for motorist to park and check which car park has available lots. This would be more convenient and avert any slowing down of traffic or accident when drivers have to look at them.


Anonymous said...

The electronic parking lot availablity signage requires the individual carparks around that area to spend money on upgrading their electronic monitoring systems.

The main issue with this system is that it will create the tendency to go for the shipping centres with more available car park lots. So, those with lesser car park lots will not benefit as their lots will be filled fast.

Anonymous said...

Waste of money! Whose money I wonder?

redbean said...

i hope the cost is paid by the car park owners. otherwise, why should lta be advertising for them.

surely they will not spend public money to give information on private carparks. if that is the case, next time they will put up information on which shopping centres have sales.

i think the car park owners pay for the signages.