Close ranks to catch Mas Selamat

Paul Jacob in today's Straits Times talked about all the noises in cyberspace and the call for heads to roll. Then he concluded by saying that all must close ranks to capture Mas Selamat. He failed to understand why there are so much noise in the first place. And many also failed to understand or refused to understand why people are angry. It all boils down to the two opposing principles and the polarisation of the super talents on one side and the general masses on the other. I think people are really pissed off by all the harping of how great super talents were and how much money they must get for them to work and be committed to serve the country. And many are just saying quietly, prove me your worth, that they deserve the money paid. And any fiasco will be waved around as a mockery of the super talent and super pay ideology. The more people praised the great super talents, and the bigger is their insatiable appetite to be paid more, the more intolerant will be of their mistakes. And outrageous mistakes will naturally receive the full attention of the disgrunted. The cyberspace will bury them with all their mockeries and innuendoes.


Anonymous said...

He is trying to dis-credit the real noises on the ground. OK, the power-to-be can ignore these ground noises but one of these days, it is going to bite back at them real hard.

Mere words cannot brush aside anger and disappointment in one sweep.

Life is not so simple, as one man always said.

bob said...

Why is this guy searching the online media for information to write his news article?

Didn't Mr Lesile Fong said "No! Emphatically not!" about bloggers being news writers?

Can someone ask Mr Lesile Fong to kick this Paul Jacob in the ass for using online sources for his "original" news article? How can he not listen to the esteemed Mr Fong? The blogs and their comments are not worthy to be news as Mr Fong had stated.

Paul J wrote:
"And I have no doubt that we will be told fully about the incident by the authorities."

Sure, based on the past track records of our esteemed government, we will have to see if that is really a true statement. We shall remember what he said here and hope that it will not come back and bite him later.

redbean said...

hi bob, thanks for the reminder.

until some god says that cyberspace can be objective and factual, we shall live by the edict of the minor gods first.

as long as there are people willing to post in cyberspace and people reading them, cyberspace will be here to stay.

no need to pay attention to the gods.