Clamping down on aesthetic medicine and practices

The MOH is putting a stop to all the questionable procedures being marketed by medical and non medical professionals to make every living bean who wants to look more beautiful happy. It claims that many of the procedures are not even approved by advanced western countries and some are probably still under clinical tests. I can't blame the medical professionals for switching from saving lives and helping the sick to this more lucrative trade and objective. At the end of it, what is important is money. Greed is good. Greed is our culture. And people are getting realistic and think first of lining their pockets with money than silly idealism about helping the people. Long live greed and money.


Anonymous said...

these docs if born in korea wud be billionaires already

redbean said...

ya, so unfortunate that they are here. maybe if they threaten to migrate to korea, the rules will be slackened. they are also talents that we cannot afford to lose.

Anonymous said...

Not many doctors in Parliament I suppose. In the days of old you have many doctors in Parliament and well, those were the days.

Matilah_Singapura said...

As usual, the govt is poking it's cunt-nose where they shouldn't be.

'Snake oil' is legal to sell to anyone who is stupid enough to buy it voluntarily.

Afterall, the PAP sells the voting public snake oil all the time, and the opposition parties do the same, except that their snake oil is not as 'garang' as the PAP stuff, which is 'guaranteed by ol' Harry "Knuckle-dusters" Lee' himself.

By regulating the doctors, they are limiting what the doctors can earn, and also giving a 'free kick' to non-doctors or Thailand's doctors to sell this stuff. After all, if you are a non-doctor, you are legally allowed to sell stuff which has no medical proof of benefit. e.g. just go to any of the big pharmacy chains and notice the BULLSHIT snake oil those guys sell, but hey, if you are a S'pore DOCTOR, you are not allowed to sell the stuff.

'Snake oil' appeals to one emotion: VANITY.

The next thing you know the PAP will introduce anti-vanity laws.

Fuck you, MOH.
And Fuck the government of paranoid cunts too.

redbean said...

for this i must agree with matilah. if the product or process are not life threatening, then throw in the buyers beware clause into it. and if the vain bugger got into trouble, sue the practitioner.

it is a free market and the people and peddlars should be allowed to exist in the market.

yes, have more snake oils and peddlars for a more exciting market with a buzz.

next thing they will be regulating tongkat ali and french caps.

redbean said...

i think tobacco causes more harm than these aesthetic treatments. and so is selling char kway teow. why aren't they banned?