Chee Soon Juan's great injustice

Chee Soon Juan has done a great injustice to all Singaporeans. He has destroyed our image as a happy and peaceful country where people are so contented that there is no protest against the govt. Now this image has been shattered and if we tell people in other countries that we have no people protesting in the street, no one is going to believe us. It will take many years for us to restore this blessed image of a protest free country. The bad boy must be caned in the public square.


Anonymous said...

like i said, we are law abiding people, not social misfits, so these wayang doesnt sit well with us. how come he doesnt know this?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The bad boy must be caned in the public square. <

Sentence him to lick Ho ching's pussy for a minimum of one hour. That should traumatise him for life -- more effective than being rotan'ed.

I guarantee you, if he survives this brutal, inhuman and excessive punishment, he'll quit politics immediately, and as an example, be a poweful deterrent for anyone considering a protest against the govt.

I tell you, as a consultant, I have the best fucking ideas :-)