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Cheaters and the women behind them

Cheaters and the women behind them by Chitra Rajaram, Deputy Editorial Director of Today ....Look around us in Singapore. Do our male political leaders engage in such behaviour? I don't think they do. . This is because when people are elected and hold important positions in Government, they have a moral obligation and responsibility to society — to not just deliver as politicians but also as individuals within accepted moral and ethical considerations. . To me, these individuals have a strong moral fibre, and I trust them to run the country because they have earned my trust as individuals. . Our leaders may not have a dapper appearance, nor do they dazzle with colourful speech — you could even say some of them come across as fuddy-duddies. But their heads and hearts are in the right place.... The above is an extract of an article published in the Today paper today. I am sure the factually accurate article will win an award at the Annual best paper or best journalist award presentation.


Anonymous said...

i dun get it, why did she sound so Uptight abt something that is common knowledge, and on facts that no one is disputing?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The trouble with being a public figure is that the kapoh-neneks of the society will never leace you alone, and jump at the chance to pry open the most private aspects of your life for public scrutiny.

People love casting stones - even if they are the ones who also 'sin'.

Anonymous said...

yes, our leaders are good, but why the lecture, what is wrong with her?

redbean said...

she is not lecturing lah. she is praising our leaders and comparing them with clinton and the likes. it is like angels versus the devils.

Anonymous said...

The late President Ong Teng Cheong was elected and hold an important position in Government, has moral obligation and responsibility, but was he given the right to deliver? Strong moral fibre is one thing, towing the line is more important it seems. 'Heads and hearts in the right place?' Really?

Anonymous said...

'Today'newspaper has becoming the printed media of and become the former's subsidary.

Wow, Singapore lives forever !

redbean said...

no lah. talkingcock does not have professional journalists to write well researched and objective articles. and they only talk cock. the msm are serious and high brow papers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This article is beginning to make sense now. I t has something to do with the ______(blank blank blank)

...and is specifically directed to _____ (Blank blank) who was caught ___blank blank.

The higher they go, the harder they fall on their sword.

Oh yah... anyone who cheats on their life partner is not to be trusted in a position of trust.