Calling Kan Seng to resign

I have read many postings in cyberspace and msm calling for Kan Sing to take the rap and to resign. That may be tough as we have limited talents and we cannot afford to lose a good minister like him. I am sure that he will gain from the experience and make sure that such things will not happen again. Things could be worst without him. Every talent, especially supertalents, must be treasured. We have been kind to those talents in NKF saga, so we can be kind to those in this case. The people must be gracious and support those who are working very hard to keep this paradise safe and sound. Oops, many are not going to agree with me. That's normal. : )


Anonymous said...

Again no transparency and no accountability, the very hallmark of the Singapore system. World class indeed!

Abao said...

Yo, RedBean, havent been here for some time :)

As for Wong Kan Seng, he should at least take accountability ma. I got a good proposal for him to use. This will save his public face and reputation.

My plan for him
1. Submit letter of resignation
2. LHL will say cannot
3. Then he must say: I did not fufil the wishes of the ppl.... blah
4. Then hold parliament
5. Parliament will condemn him and vote to demote him to Acting Home Affairs Minister.
6. Next year, promote him back.

This was adapted from Zhuge Liang's self critique and demotion - Since our Ministers are all supposingly the best, and Zhuge Liang is considered the best, then this is the right way for Kan Seng to do.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Nah. Let's keep him. The more incompetent the govt the more fun and games we can get up to :)

redbean said...

if for every incident we want a minister to resign, soon we will have no minister left. and new ones will shudder at the thought of becoming a minister.

we need to encourage them to carry on. when the going is tough, the tough gets going.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that WKS is related to the old fart ? If so, then he is an Untouchable in Singapore. If that is the case, like the OF himself, only divine intervention can strip him of his post.

Anonymous said...

Calling him to resign? Mission Impossible!

Anonymous said...

Once the independent investigation report is done we will know who should resign.

No point guessing what happened cause it really can be anything

Anonymous said...

"independent investigation"

ROTFLMAF, "independent" indeed!

Anonymous said...

Just as Mr Wang said, the really great escape is by Wong Kan Seng and not Mas Selamat.

Anonymous said...

You are in serious trouble. ISD may come at knock at your door in the middle of the night. Be careful.