Call for govt to take over public transport

Ng E Jay wrote to the ST calling for the govt to take over public transport as privatisation does not lead to more competition and efficiency. Has Ng E Jay forgotten that only through privatisation can organisations become more efficient? Taking over by the govt, according to our conventional wisdom, is a step backward, and public transport will become less efficient. Only through privatisation can public transport become efficient. And that is the tooth. Are Singaporean gullible or unthinking?


Anonymous said...

abit confused about his argument becos in the first place.., is the objective of any privatisation to enable competition and efficiency for the org or is it just a convenience of developed states to extract maximum profitabilty from public org with the least amount of political mileage?

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is very little difference in the "privatisation" under which public transport is managed now and outright govt control.

Govts from time immemorial have used "double speak" to confuse the population, They think that just changing the word from "public" to "private" and making a few cosmetic changes changes the nature altogether. Well, in any case, the people, like Ng E Jay oviously buy it.