Back peddling - Never in our history

I am not sure whether to place this issue in the sign of decline or progess column. What we have been seeing recently are back peddling of decisions, and getting more frequent. The latest is the NTU change of mind about putting 3 students into one bunk. Never in our history has back peddling been an issue. All decisions made are carefully thought out before implementing. Some were tough but necessary decisions. It was always go and no U turn. The recent phenomenon can be seen in three ways. One, decisions are not well thought through and implemented hastily. Two, decision makers do not have the gumptions to stay the course. Three, decision makers are flexible, have their ears on the ground and willing to listen to the people and make changes to accommodate the people. Given the quality of our super talents, it is too presumptuous to think think that they cannot think out solutions and came up with half baked decisions that need to go back to the drawing board. And knowing how thorough was the selection process, these must be men and women of steel and would not falter just because their solutions or decisions met with resistance or objections. It is likely the third reason. The decision makers are now more responsive to the people's unhappiness and are willing to listen and act accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Four, decision makers cannot just sell their ideas using the MSM anymore. The internet is giving people more aware of the implications and hence their objections and resistance to unwise policies. That's my half cents worth.

redbean said...

you are right on this. in the past, kopitiam talk is kopitiam talk. today, cyberspace kopitiam is accessible to the world. it does not stop within the 4 walls. and it is quite unstoppable.

any foolish decision or policy will be aired to the world.