Asian media are part of the conspiracy

Yes, Asian media are part of the conspiracy to discredit China and to support the boycott of the Olympic Games. The indiscriminate airing of distorted information or misinformation on the Tibetan riotings is the clearest evidence that these media are in cahoot with the western subversive movement. It is unacceptable and unforgiveable to take the excuse that it was an over exaggeration and the editors were idiots that do not know what were happening and what they were publishing. It is their job, their livelihood and profession to edit and provide news and information that are true and accurate, not half truth or mischievious news.


Anonymous said...

Have you people noticed the recent rantings over food and toys in the run up to the Games?. That's all part of the grand plan to make China look awful. All these are calibrated plans by the West and is to be expected. Where is the Olympic ideal of 'sports above or beyond politics'. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

There is no such ideal. Politics have waded into past Olympics: Berlin 1936, Moscow 1980, LA 1984. It is no different with Beijing 2008.

redbean said...

i have posted a few articles in redbeanforum under world affairs, violence in tibet and mischievious articles... on this issue.