Abolish NEP?!

There seems to be a tacit agreement among the opposition parties to abolish the NEP. The new Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim of PKR said he will abolish the NEP. DAP Lim Guan Eng, CM of Penang also said so. Guan Eng was strongly attacked and warned by Abdullah not to stir racial feelings. Khalid was not touched. It is thus a case of who said it and also how it was spoken. I believe the opposition coalition agreed that the NEP breeds corruption, croynism and nepotism and should be replaced by a fairer and more equitable formula. The issue now is how to go about it without affecting the special position of the bumiputras. And this I believe the coalition also shares a common ground. Now they will have to articulate to the people that they will help all the races and still recognise the special position of the bumiputras. This assurance is vital. Wish them well.


Anonymous said...

The ability of the opposition ruled states to tinker with the NEP will be very limited in scope. Most of the legislation and policies are formulated and controlled at the federal level. One example, the award of government scholarships is administered by the PSD, which is a federal agency. The impact will not be as earth shattering as the opposition makes it out to be.

Anonymous said...

Abolish NEP? Malaysia is 65% Malay and it will always be a Malay Malaysia. Malaysian Chinese just don't want to accept the fact. Get real and breed like hell to change the demographic and your future generation may have a chance to abolish NEP.

Anonymous said...

The opposition fight the election based on the platform of notably by abolishing the NEP and amongst other issues. What the NEP does for the raykat is very clear and need no further explanation. The government of the day is trying to stir up racial tensions so that the opposition will be on a self destruct mode. This is a cheap trick and I think the raykat is smarter now, especially the Malays and if the UNMO government still insist on this platform, I'm sure they will be history come the next GE.

Abdullah is definitely history and he is still sleeping. He did not make use of his mandate in 2004 GE to clear out the mahathir's people and the reforms he had promised. Whatever drastic measures he carried out would have the full support of the raykat and the opposition. What a golden opportunity he had missed? For him, I think he's crying over spilled milk.


marlin212 said...

To anonymous March 14, 2008 12:35PM

The raykat is working towards a truly malaysian race regardless of whether he is a muslim, buddhist or a christain. People like you should read the articles written by Azly Rahman.

I rest my case.

redbean said...

i have read some of the malaysian blogs and news. there is indeed a reawakening of sort among the rakyat of all races. they want a fair and equitable malaysia for all races.

but the non bumis must also continue to respect the special rights of the bumis as long as they are not abused like what the bn did.

i have just read an email circulating and warning of violence.

malaysians take care and those in authority must nip this in the bud.

Anonymous said...

I think it is premature to suggest that we Malaysians are on the road to a Bangsa Malaysia. Let's face it, the Malays did not vote for DAP because they love Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Karpal et al. Similarly the non-Malays did not vote for PAS because they were suddenly enamoured with its gentler made over image. Look at the bickering in Perak and to a lesser degree Selangor. It's only been a week and these clowns can't even cobble together a freaking state government. Look at Kit Siang's insolent behaviour towards the Perka Sultan. Look at Guan Eng's insensitive remark about the NEP. That was totally unnecessary. My Malay friends are now regretting voting for DAP after these two episodes. It's nothing short of a debacle.

redbean said...

it is not easy to bring the opposition parties together. the fact that they have made the first move is encouraging. there are differences and some very difficult to reconcile.

they will have to work out their problems and need time. and to make things worst, the bn will start to 'cho chok' them and try to drive them apart.

they got to start somewhere and this is a great opportunity for them to work together for the greater good of all.

Anonymous said...

Row over Perak settled

Anonymous said...

*Sit back and see how rocket party dismantle NEP.*

Anonymous said...

Wah, now Malay protest against NEP remover .....good luck to Lim Guan Eng....

I knew the Malays will never allow it....time for Chinese to face reality. Rocket party brought false hope.

redbean said...

not really. DAP will not dismantle it but modify it if they want to remain in favour.

the protests were staged by UMNO supporters. and only 1000 in penang and 60 in KL.

good that the 3 opposition party are flexible and resolved their differences quickly in perak. there will be teething problems and as long as they are will to listen to the rakyat and be flexible, there is still hope.

after reading the postings in malaysian blogs i am surprise that the malay ground has shifted so much against UMNO and even have doubts about the NEP. and of all people, Nazri Aziz is also pondering on the relevance of the NEP and saying that it might be time to abolish it.

there is a big ground shift in malaysian politics. waiting for the earthquake to hit.