$70k for 4 days stay

Not in Shangrila, and not in Mount Elizabeth. It is 4 days stay in a govt restructured hospital, undergoing clinical trial to find out what's wrong with him. It is cheap. It could be more expensive if cost has not been brought down. Some trials, attendance by specialists, and medicine. And of course the attention and care of nurses on 24 hr call. $70k or more than $15k daily. I thought it was some hospital in the US or UK. The family paid the bill of course. He died on the fourth day. When I saw him he was still fully alerted, except for some difficulties in breathing he was looking healthy and still can engage in normal conversation. The death was least expected. And he paid $70k for it. I hope I am wrong in the numbers. That's what I was told.


Anonymous said...

It is better to die than to be sick, this was said more than a decade ago, in Singapore that is.

Maybe $5 charcoal could have put an end to the miseries of physical and financial sufferings.

For You, me and others, the agony of knowing others suffering such fate are as tormenting.


redbean said...

ok, i need to make a clarification on this. the patient was a non citizen so charge at A class rate if i am not mistaken, plus surcharge for non citizen.

even then, it is extremely costly. i would presume a citizen would still be paying about $10k a day.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it was J B Jeyaratnam who said 'it is better to die than to be sick' many many years ago. He was right.

Our medical care cost is going the way of the USA and soon those without medical insurance will really wish for death rather than being sick.