3-4 passengers per sq metre

Is this an acceptable standard in our MRT? No doubt many countries even use a higher figure than us. Just because there are people being sardined, does not mean that it is acceptable. We need to define what is our own acceptable standard. We have been encouraging our people to drink sewer water, or put it bluntly, shit water, urine water. Hmmm, is this really our standard of well being? 3-4 passenger per sq metre, if one is to include space taken by seats, that could reduce the capacity, the density is much higher. Maybe we are ok if we consider the fact that we are smaller and more petite. What is important is to find our own standard of comfort and not blindly quote other people's standard to determine what is good for us.


Anonymous said...

They are building smaller but more expensive HDB flats. They are going to put 3 students to a double-roomed hostel in NTU soon. They are planning for 6.5 million people already!

redbean said...

they forgot to shrink singaporeans to 5 ft tall. that may help.

don't worry. we have enough space for 6.5 mil people.

Anonymous said...

wud mounting wagons on top of buses/vans like they do in india help increase the passenger ratio?