2008 GE in Malaysia

The results say it all. The Malaysians are not going to be dragged along by a corrupt coalition that is sinking deeper into cronyism and racism. In brief these are what the voters have said. 1. No more corruption 2. Down with race politics 3. Down with threats and violations of minority rights 4. Down with Barisan National 5. Return of Anwar Ibrahim 6. A new justice and a new Malaysia Losing 5 states to the opposition is a big defeat of the BN. The Malays, Chinese and Indians have started to abandon a sinking BN that is bankrupt of ideas. They have lost faith in what BN can bring to the people and to bring Malaysia forward to the next century. Would anyone be kissing his kris again? Would there be more war cries in UMNO convention? The toll of bullying the component parties of BN and threats of blood letting is for all to see. UMNO has not only discreditted their component parties but also lost credibility among the Malays. The BN coalition is habis. Gerakan, MCA, MIC and the east Malaysian parties may reflect on their role and value to the people and may find it best to leave the Barisan. It has long been a UMNO Barisan than a Barisan National. Staying on will further erode their support from the electorate. They have been totally ineffective, and humiliated by their inaction or fear of UMNO that they have been living in shame in recent years. Would we see a mass defection of these parties to a New Barisan led by Kedilan and DAP? What would happen if the MCA, Gerakan, MIC and other component candidates just defect to join the New Barisan, if that is possible? Or they could resign and stand for the opposition in by elections. If that be the case, the next by election, with Anwar standing, will be a mini general election. And the death nail in the UMNO/BN will be complete if more UMNO candidates also join the cause and defect to the opposition parties. Having said all these, the Malaysians should give a standing ovation to Pak Lah for allowing democracy to flourish and run its own course, for allowing the people the freedom to choose their national leaders. Abdullah has allowed a more freer Malaysia to take place, more breathing space for the opposition and has also laid the foundation of a new era for Malaysia and Malaysians. There is hope that Malaysia will become truly Malaysia under the current ethos and political climate. There is hope that the judiciary, the civil service and uniformed services will be allowed to act independently and professionally, to serve the people than the interests of a few individual politicians. Well done Malaysia! Well done Pak Lah. And good wishes to all the opposition parties.


Anonymous said...

Well said Beanie. A new era has begun for Malaysia and a two party system has emerged so that Malaysia can a truly become a fully democratic country.


bluez_aspic said...

Funny what you Singaporeans make of it. But pretty spot on - except for '5. Return of Anwar Ibrahim' (he's a rotten egg, we just want to shore up a stronger opposition), and 'the Malaysians should give a standing ovation to Pak Lah for allowing democracy to flourish and run its own course, for allowing the people the freedom to choose their national leaders'. We had the audacity to vote for the opposition IN SPITE of the blackmailing, threats, gerrymandering, dirty tricks, media bias, and the stifling of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Good for you bluez. At least Malaysians are politically more matured than Singaporeans. Also the system in Malaysia is far more democratic, all one against one contests, which is what it should be, not the farce type of group voting on the pretext of getting minority candidates into Parliament. But I bet that the overlords here will say that your system cannot work in unique Singapore.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the hooha? In the end, it's still a MALAY Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

point 5.. the stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.. is the most important

redbean said...

hi marlin and bluezaspic,

welcome to the blog.

anwar might have been thrown into the rubbish dump. but he survived the cauldron of fire. i think he came out a better man.

as to his credibility being tarnished, how many politicians are cleaner than him? i think many are worst but not exposed.

lets give anwar a chance to redeem himself. look around the political landscape now and you can't find anyone that is near to his calibre. the whole UMNO is a washout.