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$2000 Reward for lost poodle

The owner was distraught after losing her pet poodle. The poodle was so important to her that she is losing sleep and not eating well. She has combed every corner of her neighbourhood but still no sign of her dear poodle. Finally she decided to cough up $2000 as a reward to anyone who finds the poodle. She knew that there is no free lunch. Why would people run around looking for her poodle for free? I am planning to visit nature today. I have Sungei Buloh, Pierce Reservoir, MacRitchie and Bukit Timah nature reserves in mind. Maybe Labrador Park as well. And I will be on the look out for the poodle. I may chance upon seeing it and pocket $2000. That would save to pay for my petrol and time. Money sure is a great motivator especially for something so valuable and important. And I am planning to go to Ubin and Sentosa next week for a try. Maybe the zoo and birdpark as well. Now why would I want to go to the zoo and the birdpark to search for a poodle, and the islands as well? The monetary reward of course.


Anonymous said...

you may get more if you release it later

redbean said...

for a poodle, $2k is a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

Erh, not just a poodle, it is her loved one lah!

redbean said...