Yes Minister! Jack Neo ah, Jack Neo. Where have you been? I have this great idea of a series which can make you very rich. The British have produced a very popular Yes Minister series. And Taiwanese have their movies on how their secret societies schemed to stand for the general election so that they could discuss their business plans openly under the protection of Parliament. Yes, to discuss them openly in Parliament on how to rob the people, their drug business, gambling business etc etc. Why can’t this little red dot have our own version of our Parliament ticking? I am thinking of a series on the witty discussions in our Parliament. All the hilarious jokes that were cracked in Parliament that gave every parliamentarian a good laugh. And these precious gems should be shared with all the common men on the street through a witty Parliament series. I can do the research and be his politikal advisor. I don’t work for free one. Copyright this first. Jack Neo, I chop this series huh. But can discuss the joint venture. You name the place, I choose the time.

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