Who will protect our children?

Thomas Koshy wrote an article in Today asking for protection for our children and the ignorant or poor parents againsts the bulldozer of threats from copyright owners. Children are defenceless, many have not reach the maturity of knowing the consequences of their acts. And the poor and ignorant parents would simply tremble in the face of a threat of prosecution. Should our legal system protect these disadvantaged group of people given the case of Odex? So far, no one from the legal profession, both from the govt and the private practitioners, have said anything. It is thus left to the individual to live under the rule of the jungle. Oops, I mean rule of the law. Thomas Koshy suggested that 'Threatening criminal prosecution unless some form of compensation is paid could very well be illegal in itself.' If only this is the case and the poor and ignorant have someone to take up their case against spurious accusations and charges of the rich and powerful, the old NKF case would not have gone the way it did. What about the threats against the fragile minds of the young? Many could wet their pants on receiving such a threat. Some may go bonkers and need psychiatric help. The ruthless and thoughtless copyright pursuers must be held accountable for the abuses of the young and naive. Cruelty against children. At the moment they have the law and the money to threaten anyone. It is high time that something be done to prevent such ruthless and inhuman pursuit of copyright infringement without any thoughts of the consequences on the young. There is no need to unleash a rottweiler against children for crossing the fence.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Who will protect legitimate property owners from thieving, out of control brat-children protected by cry-baby immature, shallow, loser adults?

Taking something that doesn't belong to you is STEALING. Age is irrelevant.

Abao said...

Who will protect us from companies that attempt to sue when they do not have the actual IP rights?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Any lawyer will.


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