When are they going to stop?

Before they stop and you stop, you have lost by default. And all Singaporeans have been losing all these years by default to the extent that the govt thinks that it is its right to plan the people's life using the people's hard earned money. This is the most serious implication of all this compulsory annuity schemes and using legislation to keep the people from their life time savings. The people must say no to this kind of mentality. The govt can self help itself with the public coffer but not the pockets of the people. Singaporeans have given up this right to their own money. And if they don't do something, this right will be forever enshrined in all the legislations that they no longer have any say to their money. If this is not ridiculous, what else can be, in the city of possibilities? My message is simply, don't mess around with my money. I want my money back. I decide what and how I want to do with my money. And don't give me that crap that I will come crawling to the govt for charity. I am prepared to sign an undertaking if needed be that I will not ask for public assistance, not even for $290. Would that be enough? There is an online petition on this and Singaporeans should say no by signing on it.


Anonymous said...

When are you going to get it, that the CPF is NOT YOUR MONEY ?? No amount of head banging will change that. Trust me, it becomes a lot better once you accept this fact.

Anonymous said...

The comment above is the typical bonsai mentality of the populace. Memetical control is well-established in the regime and the pappies know it all too well. That is why they dare to push such policies and maintain such an opaque modus operandi. I understand the pain.

redbean said...

read the letters to the media, so many people are in favour of compulsory contribution. i even propose one, compulsory contribution to a Public Legal Fund.

I think they will all go for it. It is good for them.

Anything compulsory is good for sheeples.