What earthquakes?

Earthquakes in Indonesia? 8.4 in the Richter scale? Does it bother us? It has nothing to do with us and there is no need to sweat the little thing. Then last night I heard over the news that Mercy Relief and the Red Cross were sending aids to Bengkulu. Is this a prelude to the whole army rushing over there as well? My immediate thought was on the ships that they had seized during the sand saga. About 20 of our ships were seized and facing drum up charges. Even one of our companies mining sand in Karimun was bombed and its executives arrested. Not sure what happened to them. And have our ships been returned and compensated? I just hope Singaporeans do not behave like little poodles, or worst, like stray dogs eagerly wagging their tails to anyone on the street hoping for a little crumb. We have been kicked, slapped and spitted at and are we going to crawl back to beg for more? Let's have some self respect and do not debase whatever little dignity that we have in calling ourselves a nation.

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